Next time I begin a writing project I will: Face my Fears.

A Novel Experience: Writing Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way.

Next time I begin a writing project I will: Face my Fears.

What are your writing fears?  We all have them.

I’m afraid that my work isn’t good enough. That what I create is not of quality, that I’ve just wasted my time.

I know there will be people who think my fears are valid and applicable. Some will like, some dislike, and others just won’t care.

I just don’t want to hear my fears coming out of someone else’s mouth. I’m scared that once they are audible they will be credible and then I won’t be able to battle those fears anymore and that they will win the fight.

Lies, all of it, but sometimes my fear is so overwhelming it’s crippling.

I’m sure you have been there, too scared to start, or finish, or make sacrifices, or put your whole self into it…

This is not me anymore!

Next time I begin a writing project I will: Face my Fears.

I’m going to write down all my fears, add to them when necessary and maybe even read them when I need a laugh.

I’m sure by the time I’m finished I’ll probably have a whole book of the same worry over and over!

But I want to see what those voices and imaginings look like on paper.

I might even agree with some of those fears. For example, it’s true that I’m not great at grammar and am bound to have some mistakes in there.

But I find that as I do this my mind clears and suddenly I can see something other than the fear.

Then I can see my cheering tribe, proud of my accomplishments.

Then another part of my mind reminds me, hey who cares what those critical voices are saying, don’t let them ruin your happiness with what you have achieved. Look how far you have come!!

My fears fade, their voices silence, and I can work, free from their influence!

What are your writing fears?  

What happens when you write them down?  

How do they look on paper?  

What else can you see now?

Face your fears They dared