We lived in Rome for two and a half years.

It’s particular, unique and polarizing!

So let us begin our journey with a few observations of life in the Eternal City.

1. The Italians drive  on the right, but just incase look both ways before crossing the street.

2. Do not wait for a car to stop for you at a Zebra/Pedestrian crossing. Wait for a small gap, make eye contact, step out, and walk at an even pace across the street.

Or…wait until someone else begins to cross, check there’s no cars where you want to walk and cross as close as you can behind them.

3. Stand up at the bar to drink your coffee, or you will pay…

4. Ordering a latte will get you hot milk and no coffee.

5. Everyone dresses nicely, even the beggars can be better dressed than the tourists.

6. They care about the quality of the food, not how pretty it looks.

7. Spaghetti and meatballs is not an Italian dish.

8.  Get used to getting looked up and down.

9. It’s rare for anyone to walk fast along the streets.

10. If you want a picture of the Spanish Steps without anyone on it…try 8:30am.