Next time I begin a writing project I will: Remember why

A Novel Experience: Writing Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way.

Next time I begin a writing project I will: remember why

Why are you writing?

It sounds obvious…if you are doing something, it’s important to remember WHY!

Unfortunately for me this is one of the biggest writing mistakes I have made.

I began, knowing my purpose, what I was writing and who I was writing it for. Somehow in all the words and the years (it took me a long time to finish Reclamation) I got muddled and confused.

Other purposes, and ideas, and audiences wanted a part of it too, and I got distracted. This lead to time wasting, wasted words and a lot of embarrassment!

Next time I begin a writing project I will:  remember why!

I’m going to write out what I am writing, who I am writing for, and why I am writing,

I’m going to stick it in my notebook, email it to my accountability friends, have it in big bold letters at the top of my document.

I’m going to review it every day I work on the project, and maybe even memorise it.

I hope then that my words will be focused and intentional, and my vision unwavering!
What distracts you from knowing or remembering who you are writing for?
How do you combat these issues?