Something for the kids…

If you are taking your kids to Rome this Christmas, and are worried they might get bored..try some of these activities to keep them interested!


Things to count:

Animals: Real, painted and sculpted…bonus point for each sausage dog!
Street performers (just count-not photo or they will want you to pay)
Nativity Scenes (in each church)
Italian Flags
Cats at Largo Argentina
Roman Arches
Things to spot:
The small electric bus covered in Christmas lights
Christmas Decorations
How many steps do the spanish steps have?
How many people are buried in the pantheon?
How many Gelato stores surround the trevi fountain?
Which emperors can you name?
Things to do:
Try as many kinds of Pizza as you can.
Try as many kinds of Gelato as you can.
At Piazza Navona eat a chambello (spelling?) Big donut …with Nutella
Throw a coin into the trevi fountain (over your shoulder)
Go to the perspective point in St Peter’s Square (beside each fountain is a circular metal disk in the ground…when you stand on it and look out towards the columns, the three rows hide behind each other so it looks like one row of columns.)
Mail a postcard from the Vatican Post Office
Take a photo of your gladiator poses at Colosseo (I can’t spell it the English way anymore)
Take a photo with your coins at the Trevi
Do your best Papal wave in St Peter’s square
Try and get a photo with the hole in the roof of the pantheon
Get a photo with Pinocchio
Hot Chocolate:
Via Del Gambero (near Piazza di San Silvestro)
Space to run:
Piazza di San Silvestro
Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina (spot RBC)
Piazza di Risorgimento (bit of grass)
Circo Massimo
Park at Villa Borghese
Transport info: