Dear Self: Travel with love?

Love Inspiration

Travel with Love

Dear Self,

Travel with Love? Yes Really!

A note on love…

It’s not about Karma, or climbing up the good list, or sucking up to deities, or being a good person…because that is all about us, and in the end that gets pretty poisonous.

This is about Love.

Love for others, love for ourselves, love for the world.

Not that mushy, pink cards with love hearts and sloppy kisses love.

The active, doing stuff love, the soul on fire, care for another (and not just your partner and kids) love.

The love that does good, even when good isn’t nice or accepted. Even when it’s embarrassing!

There’s plenty of room for more love in my life. Yours too?

But how do we transition from acting for us, to acting for love?

Pride and selfishness can feel like a giant beanstalk with deep roots.

We don’t want to act. We don’t want to be generous. We don’t want to give. We don’t want to be embarrassed. We only want to stick up for what is right when it is convenient. We only want to talk if we’re not busy. We only want to look if we’re interested.

How do we even begin to create a difference + travel with love?

Slowly, intentionally, with eyes and heart open, looking for opportunities and then choosing appropriate situations to act. 

We have to plan to act. Decide to love and follow through. Be intentional about when we will say yes and when we will say no. Grab that selfishness every time we feel it and dig it out, roots and all. Expose the lies we tell ourself that reinforce the status quo.

Is it really embarrassing? Is it that much of an inconvenience? What will happen if we are there two minutes later? Do I really need this coin? Will it really make a difference? What are we afraid of?

It’s good to have causes and things to say yes to and say no to. We can’t be everywhere and do everything. But this week, consider a new cause/thing to say yes to. Something or someone you encounter often. Think about it. Try it out? See what happens.

These fears of embarrassment and inconvenience are preventing change and difference in you! You know you are meant to be bigger than being comfortable, unchallenged and inconvenienced.

Give it a try. I am. Let me know how it goes!!

Me xo