Walk with Love. 20 ideas to inspire your walks

20 ideas to inspire your walks

Walk with Love ideas!

Create a Difference + Travel with love

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20 ideas to inspire your walks


 from your door to the car

from the car to work

from work to the shops

from the shops to the bus

from the bus to the park



20 ideas to inspire your walks


Take a walk with someone, hold their hand, talk to them ūüôā

Carry spare change/food/flowers for buskers/people who ask

Look around for things to be thankful for

Pick up litter and put it in the/a bin (or take it home to do that)

Pick up your dog droppings and bin them

Weed the public green space (make sure you can recognise weeds!)

Sweep the pavement

Take an extra umbrella to share

Put spare coins/smiley notes in letterboxes/public phones/parking meters

Open doors for others

Give way with a smile

Be available to anyone who speaks to you

Say ‚Äėgoodday/hello‚Äô or just nod at people you pass

Wave at cars

Pat dogs (with the owners permission)

Make eye contact


Walk with a happy gait!



What other walk ideas do you have?

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