Dear Self: You are a success!

Inspiration for down days

You are a Success!

Dear Self,

You are starting on a big adventure, and you’re excited and everything’s wonderful and inspiring and you are going to change the world.

I’m writing this because someday, hopefully not soon, there will come a time when you feel discouraged.

A time when it feels like every email or word you hear from someone is telling you to quit, to stop, to turn in another direction. A time when you feel like your work, everything you do to achieve your goals and dreams is fruitless, is pointless and is a waste of time. A time when you question everything you ever truly believed to be true.

I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. You really aren’t.

Even though no one is replying to emails, or texts or even conversation. Even when you are looking at rejection after rejection.

Take some time, recharge your creativity, get even better at what you do, and keep showing up. Please don’t give up, don’t stop!

This world and its people (and maybe even other worlds and other people too) need people who create a difference, and that my friend is who you are.

Don’t believe me? Well dearest, all this struggle, striving, aiming, reaching, climbing, jumping, stretching etc etc, even if after all this you haven’t created a difference in any other soul (and that is highly unlikely), your actions have created a difference in you. Your actions have created a difference in YOU!

One different person changes the world. You’ve done it. You are a success! Everything else now is just a bonus!

Repeat after me…YOU ARE A SUCCESS!

Congratulations! Well done! Smile!

Take some time, take a walk, drink some water, have a snack, then turn up, be better.

Everything now is just a bonus. You’ve already won.

Love, prayers, smiles and best wishes.

Me xo