The origin of Create a Difference + Travel with Love

Create a Difference

Travel with Love…Scarf in 30 mins


It all began with this 30 minute infinity scarf tutorial.

You can view it here:

Watching it really excited me. Yes I’m a crafty geek, but I was fascinated that something so big, warm looking and useful could be accomplished so quickly.

I tried making a smaller summer one, and it worked just fine. I was inspired.

It blew my mind that something so awesome could be accomplished in the amount of time it used to take me to get to work.

The knowledge of how many scarves that could be made in a work week…well that was a little scary.

And the thought of how many people could be warmer each winter with the scarves and blankets made well, it made me wish I still had this opportunity and look for others I might be missing.

So much good can be achieved in the in between, waiting time.

It made me question why when often spend a significant amount of time with the same people every day, we never speak to them or know their names. Because it’s polite? Is that really a good reason?

Since then my mind has been ticking over with all of little things and little ways that we could begin to make a difference in these times, and I’ll be posting them to share the inspiration….


Yes they are great thoughts, but can these ideas (some as crazy as bring enough cupcakes to serve the whole train carriage on your birthday) actually be put into practice?

Will the outcome be as desired, will it be good?

I don’t know…

Unfortunately we cannot control the outcome of our actions. We cannot control other people, we cannot enable people to receive good gifts, or accept good intentions.

It is hard enough trying to control ourselves, our suspicions and to let ourselves just receive.

But for the chance to make a difference in someone’s day, for a person who desperately needed a smile or encouragement at that hour (and we have all been that person)…

Wouldn’t it be worth it to step out of our comfort zone, and give generously from love?

And give someone else a choice to receive, where there wasn’t one before?

For sure it will change us, show us things in ourselves, fears and hurts we never knew we had. It will expose our hypocrisy and uncover weakness and pain.

These are states we often avoid…like we avoid change.

But this change is life enhancing…yours and mine, and others.

This change and challenge and growth is precious, and worth the price.

So I’m off to Create a Difference + Travel with Love…will you join me?

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but more importantly…have a look around you right now and act on one thing that you know will Create a Difference.

You will change the world my friend. 🙂