Gluten Free Goodness: Cupcakes Wien

Cupcakes Wien is where to go for cupcakes in Vienna.

a wonderful setting for cake

Cupcakes Wien outside area

They have several gluten free choices, as well as dairy free options. YAY!

They also sell biscuits/cookies and cake, and offer baking lessons (but I think that is only in German).

Their shop at Albertgasse has a beautifully decorated outdoor area which is so beautiful it turns any quick snack into a classy tea stop. It also has a little space for kids to sit and enjoy cake too (and a changing table inside).

I’m yet to visit their other two locations, but it’s bound to be good!

Here’s the info for the Albertgasse Cupcakes Wien


Address: Albertgasse 17


Near: U6 Josefstadterstrasse


Hours: 10am-7:30pm M-F, 10am-6pm Sat, Sun and Holidays


Tip: Look at pictures at Cupcakes Wien facebook .


Always check their website for the latest details, and please always discuss your food needs with the staff before ordering.

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