Love Interview: Migraine Sufferer

Welcome to this series of Love Interviews!

I hope that these will help celebrate diversity, increase awareness and spread some love!

This week Lauryn from Vienna (yes me) is here to show us some love…

ok let’s get to the questions!


As a Migraine Sufferer what unique opportunities do you have to create a difference and travel with love?


Well I usually carry painkillers, water, food and sunglasses with me, which have helped quite a few people over the years.

It’s nice to be able to say ‘yes here’s some food’ to people who tell you that they are hungry, or to offer aid to others who are suffering.

It also makes me more aware and careful of other’s needs.

Migraines are one of the weirdest things to suffer and describe, so it makes me much more open minded too.

And for those who have extremely sensitive noses…I don’t wear perfume (but I don’t smell!), so you are safe to sit next to me without getting a headache!


How can others create a difference + travel with love to impact people who suffer from migraines?

 Ask your friends and family how their migraines effect them and what you can do to aid them at this time.

Ask them if there is any circumstance where you should take them to hospital.

Ask them when they don’t have a migraine, otherwise they may not be in very good shape to articulate anything.

Be patient. I can understand that it’s frustrating dealing with someone who is cognitively impaired but who looks exactly like the person you had a logical conversation with just 5 mins ago.

We are more frustrated by this than you, and have more to deal with than just our frustration, so please don’t add an upset loved one to the list.


On a more personal note, what is your create a difference + travel with love super skill?

My friend Jodie told me that I have spiritual hugs, so I’m claiming that one.


An amazing way someone could create a difference + travel with love for me personally is….

 Be patient and accommodating, ask questions, smile, bake me some gluten and dairy free chocolate cake, don’t talk so loud, reply to emails, write more good books…ok that’s enough.


How are you challenging yourself to create a difference + travel with love in day to day life?

My first step has been to be aware.

To be aware of opportunities around me, but also to be aware of my responsibility and what I can offer.

I’m being challenged to see that I have the power to make a difference now, and to act on it.


Anything else?

Here is an unflattering picture of me as a migraine zombie.

When you see me like this…hug me, and whisper!

Migraine fuzz

Migraine fuzz


Thank you! 🙂