Gluten Free Goodness: YAMM

YAMM…I don’t know what it stands for, but if it’s YUMM, then it’s right!

┬áThis place is wonderful. It has lots of space, lots of food options, a little kids area (and a changing room), great outdoor seating options, really conveniently located…

AND.. they serve all meals and the food is marked with little coloured dots depending on what it contains, so YAMM makes it very easy for us special needs eaters.

Oh and I almost forgot, most importantly everything that I’ve tasted has been delicious! I particularly like their all fruit smoothies!

So if you want a place to rest your tired feet, fill your belly and relax, head to YAMM!

Forgot to take a picture so I’ll have to go back…what a shame!


Address: Universitatsring 10, 1010


Near: Schottentor U2 (plus lots of trams)


Hours: 8am-late M-F, 9am-late Sat, closed Sun.


Tip: Weekday mornings are usually the quietest time.


Always check their website for the latest details, and please always discuss your food needs with the staff before ordering.