Free Walking Tour of Rome

Rome Walking Tour

Rome Walking Tour

Rome Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour of Rome

There is so much free stuff to see in Rome. Here is a short taste of the main things around the city centre. We hope this tour helps you create wonderful memories of Rome!

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The Vittoriano, Largo Torre di Argentina, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo.


Important information for the walking tour:


A map!

A water bottle


Good walking shoes.

Clothes for the season.

Covered shoulders, mid sections and knees (for entry to the churches-including the Pantheon).


-Before you leave, look at your map and figure out where the walking tour will take you and do any extra research on the sites you are interested in before you go

-Around the Trevi Fountain and Colosseo are generally the cheapest tourist shops/stalls

-If you take photos of street performers they will expect you to pay.

-Roses are not free even when they say they are. Say ‘no thank-you’ firmly and give it back/walk away.

-Most of the roads are cobbled, heels will not work well.

-Look both ways before crossing the road, step out if there is a safe gap and keep walking, or follow someone else.

The traffic does not stop at pedestrian crossings.

-This tour can be done at night, however the churches including the Pantheon will not be open.

-Everything is free, except for gelato!

-Fill up your water bottles at any fountain, the water is cold and delicious.


1.5 hours (more if you linger) approx 5 kms


Flaminio (Metro A)


Piazza Venezia (buses)


Santa Maria del Popolo (HOURS:

Pantheon (HOURS:

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (HOURS:

San Luigi dei Francesi (HOURS:

Transport: (


Ciao! Go out and explore!

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