Love Interviews: International Student

International Student Dynamo Christian

International Student Dynamo Christian

For this week’s interview, I’m happy to introduce Christian!

He is a music enthusiast, a scarf wearer and an international student!

To the interview!


So Christian,  as an international student, what unique opportunities do you have to create a difference and travel with love?

I’m studying podiatry at the moment and this might lead me to fulfilling my dream while travelling, which is work with physically disadvantaged children. I really find joy in giving service and working with people.


How can others create a difference + travel with love to impact people around them?

People can bring good parts of their culture with them wherever they go. With this culturally diverse world, people can pick up good things from other people’s culture.


What is your create a difference + travel with love super skill?

I try to be very nice to all people. Wherever I go, I feel like I’m representing my culture. I want to show people all around the world that there is good in everyone.


An amazing way someone could create a difference + travel with love for me personally is…

Probably by being enthusiastic in educating themselves about the place where they are travelling. Learning, adapting and embracing the culture (but not forgetting their own). By simply getting to know the people, making good friends with them.

Also, people can use their town talents. For example, someone can teach others how to dance or how to cook their local dishes.


How are you challenging yourself to create a difference + travel with love in day-to-day life?

I always go out and try to find out what’s in the place for me. I try as much as I can to initiate small talks with people because that’s how I think most friendships begin.


Thanks Christian for those great tips on how we can all make small changes to create a big difference!


Photo courtesy of Christian.