The Agenda: Day 16

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The Agenda: Day 16


Kaeryn Mitchley:
Home again but father is away.

It’s a little disappointing that I have no one to discuss my new market strategies with.

I’m desperate to use what I’ve learned.


Kaeryn Mitchley:

Mother is yelling up the stairs about ‘the governors daughter, Elena’.

No mother she is not currently my friend.

Of course, Janipur is no where to be seen.


Kaeryn Mitchley:

Janipur’s been frosty ever since I arrived back.

I’m not exactly sure what I did.

She was fine when I left but she’s given me no clues.


Kaeryn Mitchley:

OK I’ve had enough of hearing mother’s opinions of what I should have done.

I’m off to the tavern to forget my sorrows and see if I can find a game.