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Stellar Photographer Martin

Stellar Photographer Martin

This week we welcome Martin sharing his thoughts on photography and life.

To the interview!

As a photographer what unique opportunities do you have to create a difference and travel with love?

I don’t really know how I make a difference with my photography. I believe that God created the world and I just feel that am fortunate that I am able to witness the beauty in sunrises and sunsets each time I am out photographing. I am happy I am able to capture a moment in time and share it with others.

I think if people enjoy seeing my images and it lightens their day, or reminds them of a place they’ve been to then that’s great. If they can see the beauty of creation in them then even better!

I also think that photography has some technical aspects and I am able to share with others. I am often asked to explain how to use a camera or how to improve and image and I enjoy sharing this.

How can others create a difference + travel with love to impact people in photography?

This sounds stupid but others can make a difference (or at least make someone feel better) by supporting their work or purchasing their work. Like any artist, it is a tough gig. I, personally, don’t have my photos up for sale as at the moment that’s not what I want to do with my photography at the moment but I know plenty of other talented people who do.

What is your create a difference + travel with love super skill?

I am not really sure. I think it is probably the almost polar opposite between my hobby (photography) and my profession (pharmacy). The only thing photography and pharmacy really have in common is the ‘ph’ at the start.

An amazing way someone could create a difference + travel with love for me personally is….

by encouraging me with my photography and telling me they enjoy my work.

How are you challenging yourself to create a difference + travel with love in day to day life?

I suppose I am bucking the current digital (and image manipulation) trend in photography. I have been shooting medium format film for the last 12 months and it is something I am really enjoying. I feel that shooting film is so true. What you capture is the sight you see. It doesn’t lie. Although you can scan it and manipulate it on the computer, I try not to do this. I try to make the scan look as close to the slide film/scene I saw. I hope that the truth that I put into these images is seen by the viewer and is a reflection of the life I am trying to live.

Thank you Martin for sharing with us, and a special thank you from me personally for bucking the world trend of media and opting away from editing and manipulation!

Manipulated travel photos are a personal dislike of mine!

Check out Martin’s beautiful pictures on Facebook and at his website!

Photo Courtesy of Martin.