50 things I wish every major airport had

In the next few years I will be visiting my 50th country (hopefully).

So I present to you (in no particular order)

50 things I wish every major airport had

And please add to it, because I know I’m missing things!

Frankfurt Airport keeping us entertained.

Frankfurt Airport keeping us entertained.

1. Free access to the terminal (yes in some places you have to pay to get to the gate even when you have your boarding pass)

2. Free drinking water and lots of it

3. Free toilets/toilet paper (yes in some places you have to pay for toilet paper)

4. Lots of chairs

5. Lots of toilets including disabled

6. Baby change rooms

7. Lots of space so you aren’t all crowded in heading to your gate

8. Lots of food options

9. Cheap massage chairs

10. Showers

11. Lie down chairs

12. Manned information booths

13. Lots of departure information signs

14. Electronics charging stations/lots of multi zone plugs

15. Free plastic bags for liquids at security

16. Lots of pens when you need to fill in forms

17. Lots of immigration officials

18. Lots of security lines open

19. Clear signage in several languages and picturegraphs

20. A mini supermarket and pharmacy

21. Kids play area

22. Tvs with subtitles on

23. Free magazines/newspapers

24. Free trolleys

25. Free pushchairs

26. Lots of clocks

27. Day hotels

28. Lots of easy to read terminal maps

29. Please give us your feedback smiley face-frowny face touch screens

30. Prices are the same for basics in the airport and out of it

31. Comfortable air temperature

32. Information/cool features about the culture/city

33. Free unlimited wifi

34. Email checking stations

35. Smoking zones that are well managed/not too small

36. Good views of the runway

37. Gaming stations

38. A layout where you are not forced to go through shops to get places (I’m always worried I’ll lose control of my trolley and it will knock over a stand of rum)

39. A reasonably priced postal service for things you can’t take through security.

40. Special lines for families/people with kids or other special needs (because no one wants to be stuck in line next to the screaming baby)

41. Lots of big elevators if there are multiple levels

42. Kids activity packs

43. Lots of rubbish bins

44. A variety of vending machines

45. Self check in booths

46. Rectangle type layout rather than octopus

47. Plants and flowers

48. Fish/an Aquarium (cause it’s so relaxing)

49. Frequent traveller benefits

50. Pay per use lounges


So what have I missed?

Happy travels!