The Agenda: Day 37

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The Agenda: Day 37


Kaeryn Mitchley: 

At least one thing is going my way!

Self defence is turning into an extremely profitable activity.

Prince Dylantian is wonderfully intriguing and the ladies are bubbling wells of information.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

Just yesterday I found out that Tutor Zemeni, is married to a recently graduated fashion student.

So although he’s delicious, he’s certainly not above board.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

And…it seems Laos has a lot of fans in his cohort.

It’s like he’s the prince of second year.

Curse him.

Kaeryn Mitchley:

On a happier note, I was told that there is a serious cards group that meets in the third year library each rest day evening.

It is run by a couple of young lords.

The way this month is going, I’m tempted.




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