The Agenda: Day 38

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The Agenda: Day 38


Kaeryn Mitchley: 

You want to know how Prince Dylantian is wonderfully intriguing?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that he seems to be a man of few words.

The more I study his facial expressions and manners, the more curious I am about what he’s thinking.

It’s dry fuel for my imagination!


Kaeryn Mitchley:


The Prince definitely seems a little more relaxed today.

He is smiling more and even talking about things other than self defence.

Dylantian has got really nice eyes when he smiles.


Kaeryn Mitchley:


I’m going to see if I can follow him after class and learn more.

Dylantian is my only lead right now, and a damn fine one at that.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

 Curse him!

He’s smiling, laughing and joking with her.

I’m going to get Carlieah to write to Merienna to tell her what is happening.

She deserves to know about the cheating bastard lover stealer.




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