The Agenda: Day 40

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The Agenda: Day 40


Kaeryn Mitchley: 

If I don’t want Dylantian, then what kind of man do I want?

What would satisfy me?

Good questions. . .


Kaeryn Mitchley:

Handsome, obviously.


Taller than me, but not too tall.

He needs to be from a good family or advantageous situation.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

Most of all he needs to have a heart.

He needs to be a man of his word.

He needs to be able to stand up for what he wants under opposition.

Able to make me laugh.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

He needs to be capable of loving me.

To be able to sacrifice his parents and relations for his new family.

To know how to make it work in hard times.

Maybe I’m dreaming.

Does such a man exist?




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