The Agenda: Day 55

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The Agenda: Day 55


Kaeryn Mitchley: 

It gets worse and worse!

Dylantian is teaching her self defence now too.

But not with the rest of the class, he’s tutoring her personally.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

I couldn’t stop myself, what she’s doing isn’t right!

I had to say something, and so I told her exactly what I

thought of her schemes.

Kaeryn Mitchley:

Unfortunately she is a better student than I am at self defence.

As when I tried to make her listen to me and stop her leaving, she threw me aside.


Kaeryn Mitchley:

I’m more convinced than ever that Alenia is a very dangerous woman.

Everything to do with her is bad news.

Monkeys I hope she never becomes Queen!



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