The Agenda: Day 75

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The Agenda: Day 75


Kaeryn Mitchley: 

Tralem visited my stall today and asked to speak to me.

I wasn’t keen to be associated with Them again, but he hasn’t wronged me so I agreed.



Kaeryn Mitchley:

He had the nerve to ask if I was the instigator of the attacks on them.

I was speechless.




Kaeryn Mitchley:

Apparently they have even been threatened when trying to feed the street children at night.

I told him that was his problem right there, not me.

This town likes hard work and effort to get places, not hand outs.




Kaeryn Mitchley:

I didn’t acknowledge that what he said might be true.

That my grudge against them was fierce and convincing enough to do damage.

I am good at sales after all.

But I haven’t said anything this summer!



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