Starting the day right



Starting the day right!

Good morning!
With a new year, new place, new circumstance, my mind turns to evaluating my habits to see what can be improved.
Under the microscope today is my morning routine.

I’ve been noticing that my mornings really set the tone for the whole day, and if my relationships start off in conflict and complaining, it often takes many deep breaths and starting overs to get through the day.

So after some thought, I’ve made a plan that I’m practicing every day until it becomes engrained.

My plan? To greet each person individually before anything else is said.

This works for every relationship, the one with ourselves, our kids, our pets, it even can be applied to our spiritual practices.

What do I mean by greet?
I mean engage with that person with your senses. Look at them, engage in culturally appropriate eye contact, listen to them, touch them, get close enough to smell them/their soap/to know if they smell, say their name with a smile, and taste (well let’s save that for our partners).

Of course let’s be appropriate. Touching and smelling our co-worker may be limited to a handshake and a distant whiff of their workspace while appropriate touching of our partner may be much more involved as we can get close enough to smell or taste their sweat.

In all things relationshippy, use your brain, exercise caution and ask permission.

It really is a very simple, easy thing to do, that does not have to be time consuming. In fact you probably already greet many people this way already.

I think of my Nanna, our eyes meet, she smiles at me,
We hug, and I smell that comforting Nanna smell of soap and skin and age.

Simple, quick, easy.

For me, I feel like now it’s time to expand, I’m going to greet everyone I can with my senses.
Keep me accountable friends.

This week’s challenge is to pick five people in your life and greet them in this way, everyday for a week. Bonus kudos to those who end each day this way too.

Let’s see what happens!

Extra note:
I’ve also been using it as a greeting to the world. Yes it sounds a bit odd, but looking at the sky, touching the grass, breathing the air, listening to the sounds, and paying attention to the smells has become a special time in my day and fosters in me a thankful heart.