Want produces creativity

Want produces creativity

Want produces creativity?

Doing without?

I was reading an article the other day about what success looks like (financially) for different people.

It was challenging for me to notice that one of the respondents answered exactly how I would have responded to the same question if I had been asked it five years ago. He said that for him financial success meant not having to worry about spending, for example, if I go to a restaurant and I want the most expensive meal, I can have it. Without worrying.
I didn’t realise how much I had changed on this subject until I read this article and felt the discomfort in my chest, I felt sad that this was his measure of financial success.

And that surprised me, a lot.

I mean, I’m the experience junkie who hates missing out.

I especially detest missing out because of money.

And now I was surprised to realise that wasn’t me anymore, that… I feel different?


Yes, after further thinking I was happy to note that I do feel different!

From my experience in the last few years I’ve learned that when there is want in my life, or boundaries or the answer no, these situations don’t lead to lost opportunities and missing out, they lead me towards creativity and a whole range of skills and opportunities I never would have discovered.


And this applies to money, to food, to pretty much everything!


Here is an example: Going gluten and dairy free helped release me from some of my migraines and it forced me to discover new foods, new recipes and substitutes for old favourites. It’s made me much more intentional, healthier, thankful and less lazy.

If you look over your life, I bet you can find your own examples of when this has been true for you as well!

So, is there anything that you are avoiding stopping, quitting, trying, fasting?

Yes it is hard, but you can do it. Just give it a little try.

You can survive without cheese, without buying something new, without cigarettes, without your tv down time, or whatever it is.

Try it, if only for thirty days.
I’ve been there in many and varied situations, if I can do it, so can you.

In fact I’ll be doing it again. My husband wants us to cut back on our fun money allocation, to challenge ourselves.

Ok creativity, here we come!