The Agenda: Day 200

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The Agenda: Day 200

Kaeryn Mitchley: 

I tell myself this story as I walk back to the house on the hill.

It keeps me calm, it makes me smile.

There was once a young girl with deep red hair

whose heart was bewitched by a gypsy’s stare

he captivated her from their very first dance

foolish to believe they had a chance

one Midsummer they talked by the light of the moon

fell asleep on a haystack and woke at noon

married by accident, what a mess

caused the red haired girl so much stress

but gypsy love is fair and true

he worked hard, her to woo,

this story is unbelievable? Too clever?

Haven’t you heard? A gypsy loves forever!

I bet he thinks I won’t come.

I’m so nervous, and excited.

I’m finally ready to give everything, and to receive everything.

It’s time for me to make a new home.




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