The twelve days (brownies) of christmas


Brownie Tree

Brownie Tree



It’s almost christmas and the stores are filled with decorations and gadgets to count down to the 25th.

I like the idea of advent calendars, especially the ones where you get a chocolate, or present or joke, every day! However, I’ve never really found the right one for me.

This year was different! This year, I had an idea that I felt was more keeping in the Christmas spirit, and fit with how we like to celebrate. It was something fun, that would help me count down to christmas.

My great(!) idea was that I would choose 12 different groups of people and over the month before christmas, I would bake each group a tray of chocolate brownies and deliver it to them to enjoy just cause.

I think it’s fun cause I like baking and I think generally people like eating, and it’s kind of a big experiment cause I’ve never done anything like this before…lots of fun in a nutshell!

Once I had my list of 12, I then divided it into the weeks that I would deliver them. The brownie for the police, fire department, ambulance and the emergency wards would be delivered on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, and other non essential services like the library and my local fruit shop on the week before, and other groups of people that I interact with before that.

So today I made my first delivery. It was a bit early, but I’m not going see anyone from that group regularly after today, so this was my opportunity!

I was a bit nervous, especially as it was to a group that I don’t particularly like. I was worried about being questioned, or it being awkward…but thankfully it wasn’t!

So here I am, sharing this with all of you, incase it inspires you to celebrate Christmas a little differently this year, and spread some joy and good will.

Merry Christmas. Peace and Love.