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Cheryl Frizzell Artworks
Cheryl Frizzell Artworks

Cheryl Frizzell Artworks
Cheryl Frizzell is an Australian Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator & Designer. Icon’s, Native’s and Flora feature strongly in her contemporary pieces.
She makes amazing Australian art and has a wonderful range of prints and cards.
Check out her facebook page

Melissa Kaye Design
Interior architect : artist : illustrator : designer
Melissa Kaye Design has the cutest kids prints and cards!
She can also work with you to create beautifully designed spaces in your home!
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Chaosphere -the comic
Greg has successfully kickstarted two comics in the Chaosphere series.

The story is set in the future after Earth’s sea levels rose and swallowed islands and nations. A Wyrm was discovered in space and different corporations that had prospered from the rising sea levels offered to help people whose land was about to be lost. The catch was that they were given a time sentence that they needed to complete before being offered the chance to be repatriated back to one of the remaining countries. Those that were fortunate enough to be selected by the different corporations first had to fight in the Koudo wars that had started close to the Wyrm.

We follow the main character, Kurt and his group of Maori and Pacific Island friends as they struggle to make sense out of life after the war. They are on board a mining ship stationed close to the Wyrm where they face the same discrimination as on Earth. There is some respite from daily life in playing Chaosphere. A game that pits two teams against each other in a futuristic battle using medieval weapons. Chaosphere started during the Koudo war and has evolved into the most popular ‘sport’, with millions of people playing, watching and enjoying the spectacle. 

Kurt meanwhile is suffering from dreams that have begun to affect his daily life and there is a murderer roaming around the ship. This brings pressure onto the captain who has a grudge against Kurt as the ruling Celeste start to look more closely at what is happening on the ship.