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Future of financial applications

The FTS Platform delivers flexible infrastructure for regulated financial institutions to share processes and data securely, on a need-to-know basis, without the need for reconciliation. It combines a permissioned Distributed Blockchain techlology with a powerful financial modeling language to ensure that each institution operates from a single source of truth.

A global team with deep experience

Our expertise is both broad and deep, reflecting the markets and clients we serve. Distributed across five offices in three regions our team come from both finance and technology, from big institutions to small startups, and bring a wealth of knowledge from functional programming, formal methods, cryptography and financial services.

Backed by the biggest names in the market

FTS has raised over $50 million from more than 15 strategic investors across the world, encompassing the leaders within the financial and technology ecosystem who are uniquely placed to help drive adoption on a global scale.

We build trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. Our FTS expertise is the backbone of our clients' operations.

We’re a talented team of software experts, passionate about and with an unwavering belief in the open-source future. We’re a safe pair of hands; one that liberates our partners from operational complexity so they can focus on their business growth. It’s simple, we help keep our clients’ businesses moving.


Clients come with their own unique business challenges. Our job is to understand individual needs and develop smart solutions. We’re restless in our quest for perfection, frequently adding new features so clients can enjoy the benefits of high performance, robustness, reliability and scalability.

Solutions - Let us know how we can help make your dreams a reality!

Our expertise in Blockchain is unparalleled. With decades of experience in researching, designing and setting up reliable scalable systems, our team of experts is a globally recognised authority.
Whatever your need, we have it covered; from on-site/remote consulting, support and development, to architecture/code reviews and training.