Introducing Lauryn Lambert’s debut Young Adult Fantasy Novel: Reclamation

In Anesia, a land populated by Gypsies and the ancestors of Pirates, a great silence stifles the nation and the people fear the destruction of the magic that once protected them all.

Alenia, a gifted healing student and fatherless peasant, is the lowest of the low.  On a scholarship to attend a prestigious University she must learn to control her tongue, overcome prejudice and face her fears if she wants to give her family a chance to reclaim what they have lost.

A chance encounter with Prince Dylantian intertwines their fates and leads them on a quest to restore the Queen’s health, and discover the truth about the Royal Family’s misfortune.  With dangerous consequences, their stormy alliance uncovers secrets, avenges betrayal and reveals much more.

Alenia suddenly finds herself gambling with more than just her own life as she navigates her hope for reclamation.

I’ve been told that it’s hard to put down.

See for yourself.

Read the first two chapters here! 


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The Agenda: Day 169

The Agenda: Day 169

Kaeryn Mitchley:

Blackberry picking in the forrest, fishing in the ocean, tours of the palace gardens, dancing, the fabric markets, horse riding on the cliffs, concerts and events have filled my past weeks to the brim.

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The Agenda: Day 86

The Agenda: Day 86

Kaeryn Mitchley:

I’m trying to remember, but the year before Eaker was such a daze.

I was so wounded I’m not sure I really spoke to anyone.

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Reclamation Quizzes

Test your knowledge of Reclamation with these Goodreads quizzes! Click on the post for the links. How well do you know Alenia? How well do you know Dylantian? Share your score with your friends! Enjoy!

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Reclamation pins

Reclamation Teaser Images…

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