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Reclamation by Lauryn Lambert
Reclamation by Lauryn Lambert, complete with fingerprints from being well read

Reclamation is a novel for Young Adults, who enjoy fantasy, romance, mystery and page turning books that are hard to put down.

Alenia is an ambitious and gifted healer. However, she is fatherless, and a peasant, and that is all anyone in Anesia needs to know.

Anesia, is the place where who you are and where you fit is everything in this time of terror. This is how the native Gypsies, and the ancestors of pirates have shared this island for centuries.But now, a great prophetic silence stifles the nation and the people fear the destruction of the magic that once protected them all. It is a time to cling to what is known and safe.

In spite of Alenia’s limited connections she manages to secure a scholarship to a prestigious University, but instead of a pathway of hope, this is just the beginning of her troubles.

Alenia struggles to control her tongue, overcome prejudice and face her fears. There is no other way for her to give her family a chance to reclaim what they have lost.

An odd encounter with Prince Dylantian reveals that she is not the only one searching to change their family’s fortunes. As their fates intertwine Alenia finds herself gambling with more than just her own life, as she is led on a quest to restore the Queen’s health, and discover the truth about the Royal Family’s misfortune.

With dangerous consequences, their stormy alliance uncovers secrets, avenges betrayal and reveals much more.

Will either of them succeed in their quest to reclaim what has been taken?

Reclamation is the first novel set in Anesia, the first nation of the Dragon Isle.



Kaeryn Mitchley’s Agenda-
Whose story do you believe?
A novella companion to Reclamation.

Coming 2019